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If you are preparing for replacement windows, then you need to evaluate the products that are offered in the industry. You might be tempted to rush into the decision. But, you need to take your time to be educated about the features that will impact the comfort of your home. Here in Bothell, WA, our team at Emerald City Energy is always available to answer your questions.

We believe that homeowners should have a comfortable environment to learn about replacement windows. Some contractors pressure homeowners into the sale to close the deal. Instead of pushing you into the decision, we strive to provide a quality education for our clients. Then, you will have the freedom and flexibility to choose the products that will match the needs of your family.

Here are a few important details you shouldn’t overlook when you are designing your custom windows:

Energy Efficiency Features

Energy efficiency is a priority for many homeowners. Whether you want to minimize your utilities or you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint, replacement windows might be the answer. Talk to our team to learn about the features that will impact the efficiency of your property.

Old windows make it difficult to manage efficiency because of the drafty air that comes through the windows. You have two problems: the warm air generated by the heater is lost, while cold air is coming inside. This thermal transfer increases the need for the heater to turn on at all hours of the day. As a result, energy usage goes up and so does your utility bill.

Install insulated windows so that you can reduce the thermal transfer that is occurring. These products make it easier to manage your utilities while reducing your impact on the environment at the same time.

Modern, Stylish Features

Another reason you need to replace the windows is to improve the appearance of your home. Old windows make your home look worn down and in need of repair. It is normal for homes to need renovations over the years. But, you shouldn’t let these repairs go unnoticed for too long.

Installing new windows can change the appearance of your property in many ways. These products can provide the foundation that you need to give your home a facelift. Or, you can choose neutral windows that will look good with any décor changes that you make in the future.

is important that you select windows to match the overarching theme of your property. For example, modern, minimalist windows won’t look right if they are installed on a classic, historical home. Instead, choose features that will blend well with the style of the property.

Easy to Open

Do you find it difficult to open the windows when you want to enjoy the outdoor weather in your home? On a cool summer evening, it is nice to bring in a breeze by opening the windows. But, it can be a challenge to open old windows if the frames are warped or damaged.

Instead of fighting the windows every time you want to open them, it is better to invest in quality products. You can choose materials that are easy to use. These upgraded features will improve the overall performance and comfort of your home.

Maintenance and Durability of the Windows

Also, think about the maintenance tasks that will be required for your windows. Old, wood window frames require a lot of work and maintenance. These products need to be sanded and repainted every few years. So, it is important that you dedicate the budget and time to these tasks.

Instead of working on refinishing the window frames, consider the benefits of installing new windows. Choose materials that are designed to withstand all weather conditions, without the need to spend a lot of time on maintenance. Vinyl windows are popular because of the durability that is available.

Durability helps to protect your home and family. At the same time, you can avoid the need to replace the windows again in the future. If you are going to spend money on new windows, then you deserve to have materials that will last for many years.

Window Experts in Bothell, WA

Who should you call if you need replacement windows for your home? Look online, and you will find a variety of contractors that offer these services. But, you need to choose the best installation team in the area: Emerald City Energy.

We have been providing quality windows for many years. Our team will gladly answer your questions. We can schedule a consultation in your home to measure your windows and teach you about the industry. As you learn about the products, it will be easier for you to choose the right materials for your family. Visit us at906 Industry Dr., Tukwila, WA 98188. Or call to learn about our services: (425) 228-1792

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