Fiberglass Doors

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Exterior doors and the myriad of choices can often be overwhelming to customers. At Emerald City Energy, we hope we have simplified the process by offering two door construction components. Doors made from wood, and doors manufactured from fiberglass. If necessary we can still offer a steel door, but there are so many drawbacks to steel that we prefer to talk about fiberglass and wood.

Samples of front door replacements

Every door we sell is “prehung” meaning it comes with a frame around the actual door. It is complicated and fraught with errors to try to replace a new door without replacing the “jamb”.

Fiberglass entry door with keyBut there is a lot more to doors than just the door slab and the jamb (frame). We carry Codel, a local northwest manufacturer that specializes in custom made doors. We have worked with many door manufacturers over the years and Codel is far and away the best for consistent quality, delivered on time, with local service help should we need it.

Here are a few of the details that separate Codel from the competition:

Codel Fiberglass Doors Distinct Features

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The fiberglass door from Codel is virtually maintenance free and offers a limited lifetime warranty. Unlike other brands of fiberglass doors that offer only wood edges, the Codel fiberglass door is manufactured with composite edges as well as composite top and bottom rails, leaving no exposed wood. The Codel fiberglass door has a clean appearance, with radius mortised hinge preps instead of swiping completely through the door edge. With the harsh Pacific Northwest climate, we believe this all-composite fiberglass door will give you years of satisfaction.

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